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It was made of white stone, with classical, or maybe Edwardian, or possibly Georgian architecture. Settling has never really been my strong suit. And now that the last play of the season had just closed after a surprisingly successful run, I felt I was due for a honeymoon.

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What had I been wearing? I wrapped the sheet around myself and followed him into his closet. Remember Maui?

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Remember scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef? Remember a little cottage in the South of France? All those trips sound great. Then, perfectly reasonably, he continued. The jewel-red color worked well with my darkish hair and winter-pale skin, and a fabulous pair of Dior stiletto-heeled boots brought me almost eye-level with Jack—optimum kissing range, which could come in handy after lunch. After we were seated and assured that Italian fizzy water was on its way, I resumed my line of questioning.

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Jack looked momentarily pained, probably because the dweeb in question ran one of the most successful software companies in the world. Me, studying with a British theatrical company, and Jack, doing heaven-knows- what on behalf of the United States Navy. Now I batted my eyes at him. Jack was impervious to suggestion. I just help with the heavy lifting.

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  • I had extremely good reason to believe that Jack had spent his military career as an undercover operative working clandestinely for Naval Intelligence, where he had picked up some very impressive skills. But Jack still stuck to the meteorologist story. This despite all evidence—in the form of his behavior when faced with a maniacal killer weaving an elaborate plot of revenge in the weeks following our marriage—to the contrary.

    In public, I humored him. A real smarty-pants would be interested in MJC for those talents. Gordon had immediately become indispensable to Harry. He had an almost-miraculous knack of showing up exactly when you wanted him with exactly what you needed—whether that was a dry martini or a surgical kit. He raised his eyebrows innocently, not bringing up the fact that a very large, very empty house was waiting for me to decorate it. I was a little touchy on the subject of decorating.

    Man arrested in 2016 Fairfax County murders after extradition from Ethiopia

    I had plenty of ideas for different fabulous looks, but they all seemed to vanish whenever I walked into a furniture store, or—God forbid—one of those home-improvement warehouses. I shuddered. Jack grinned. But he was spared that indignity by the arrival of a disheveled entrepreneurial genius. Morgan Stokes stood at the doorway, seemingly unaware of the January chill he was letting in behind him, and I knew it was Morgan Stokes not only because he was wearing a leather bomber jacket with the Zakdan corporate logo over his heart, but because every head in the restaurant turned to look at him.

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    Jack made eye contact with him, and he came over to the table. I know these digital types have the reputation of living on cold pizza and sleeping under their desks, but this specimen looked particularly bad. He claimed that his vaguely Asian appearance was due to possessing some Mongolian ancestry, [1] : 1 [2] though his known ancestry contains no indication that this was so.

    Educated in Boston, Oland spoke English and his native Swedish, and eventually translated some of the plays of August Strindberg. As a young man he pursued a career in theater, at first working on set design while developing his skills as a dramatic actor. In , he was signed to tour the country with the troupe led by actress Alla Nazimova.

    The following year he met and married the playwright and portrait painter Edith Gardener Shearn. Shearn made an ideal partner for Oland. She mastered Swedish, helping him with the translation of Strindberg's works that they jointly published in book form in After several years in theater, including appearances on Broadway as Warner Oland, in he made his silent film debut in Pilgrim's Progress , a film based on the John Bunyan novel.

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    As a result of his training as a Shakespearean actor and his easy adoption of a sinister look, he was much in demand as a villain and in ethnic roles. Over the next 15 years, he appeared in more than 30 films, including a major role in The Jazz Singer , one of the first talkies produced. Oland's normal appearance fit the Hollywood expectation of caricatured Asianness of the time, despite his having no proven Asian ethnic background.

    Oland portrayed a variety of Asian characters in several movies before being offered the leading role in the film, The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu.

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    • It was the first onscreen portrayal of the Fu Manchu character in film. Oland was the first actor to play a werewolf in a major Hollywood film, [ citation needed ] biting the protagonist, played by Henry Hull , in Werewolf of London Once again, Oland's character was Asian. A box office success, The Mysterious Dr. Seller Inventory BBS Book Description Poisoned Pen Press. Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory n. New Book. Shipped from UK. Established seller since Seller Inventory LQ Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days.

      Margaret Dumas. Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

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      View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Charley Fairfax -- heiress, theatrical producer, newlywed--is intent on living happily ever after with her tall, dark, and sarcastic husband Jack. From Publishers Weekly : A charming setting, not-so-serious tension and a cozy clique of appealing characters lift Dumas's second mystery starring heiress Charley Fairfax, who heads a nonprofit San Francisco theater company.

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