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Wow, the LA Times delivered! And that twist in episode ?!?!? Must listen. Apple Podcasts Preview.

Show 3 More Episodes. Customer Reviews See All. The Mysterious Mr. The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos. Pushkin Industries. Stuff You Should Know. America Dissected with Abdul El-Sayed. Crooked Media. This American Life. Mike Rowe. Room Times Studios. Hit Man. Somebody Somewhere. RainStream Media. Monster Presents: Insomniac. Even better. I started reading at once, but somehow this didn't work for me. Half of the story was facts about the elephants.

It was interesting, lots of it I already knew, only - I wanted to read a romance, if not that then at least an engaging story, but what I got was a dissertation. Alice, the way the story was written, I couldn't take to her hope that's the right expression:. I felt for her regarding her mother and her love-less upbringing, but whenever I thought, now I get her, there again were all these elephant facts.

And then the romance part of the story, that was rather out of the blue and didn't work as well. Might be I got it all wrong and this wasn't supposed to be at least in part a romance, but as fiction, sorry didn't work. I'm still on the fence regarding the novel Leaving Time , I think I'll wait for more reviews. View all 4 comments. Alice had wanted to study and work with elephants for as long as she could remember.

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With all the qualifications she had achieved at home in New England, her mother was horrified when she gave up the offer of Harvard to travel to Africa instead. But the day s Alice had wanted to study and work with elephants for as long as she could remember. But the day she discovered a baby calf which had been orphaned, a calf that was only around three weeks old, she knew her life was about to change. I have no hesitation in recommending Larger Than Life , especially if you have an ereader. Jan 09, Rissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: nook-as-of , favorites.

So she took this huge baby elephant and tried to raise it in her little cottage.

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Tried to feed and care for and eventually set out in the world to join her own kind. This was beautiful and I loved it! I like most of her stories, but not all. I was pleasantly surprised by this well-written and well-documented short story that took me on a journey to Botswana and South Africa and introduced me to the world of elephants, which was truly fascinating. We follow the young neuro-scientist and doctor in animal behavior, Alice Metcalf, who was pushed by her mother to become a great academic. Instead of a great career stateside, Alice leaves for Africa to study elephants.

She goes to great lengths to advocate for these amazing animals instead of simply making notes of her findings, dispassionately, as a scientist should. However, Alice can't help but being emotional when it comes to these wonderful creatures. Then there's also Alice's relationship with her mother, which wasn't an easygoing relationship. So credit goes to the writer. I look forward to Leaving Time, the full novel about Alice Metcalf and her family. View 2 comments.

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Larger Than Life is a short story prequel to Leaving Time, the twenty-first full length novel by popular American author, Jodi Picoult. It introduces naturalist, Alice Metcalf, a key character in Leaving Time and details some of her history. In Botswana, Alice comes across an elephant calf that has survived the massacre of her herd by poachers.

What she does next could jeopardise her whole career. Picoult has obviously done a lot of research into her subject: even this short taster gives the rea Larger Than Life is a short story prequel to Leaving Time, the twenty-first full length novel by popular American author, Jodi Picoult. Picoult has obviously done a lot of research into her subject: even this short taster gives the reader interesting facts about elephant herds, in particular the importance of the matriarch, and some of the effects of poaching.

In true Picoult fashion, this story is informative and thought-provoking as well as being at times funny and very moving. The download also includes the first chapter of Leaving Time. Aug 12, Ron rated it really liked it Shelves: ebook , general-fiction , short. Picoult delivers more story in fifty pages than many writers do in hundreds.

Through thoughts and flashbacks the main character reveals more about herself than she knows. The central story is about a researcher trying to adopt an orphaned baby elephant. Only once did Picoult insult the reader by telling us what we should have figured out on our own. Really good story. Jan 27, Alaina rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , january-challenge , fiction , novellas , chick-lit.

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So I totally read this book out of order because I had no idea it was a prequel to another book. YEAH, I definitely live under a rock. Larger Than Life was so freaking good. I just loved the elephants in Leaving Time so getting more of them made me even happier while reading this book. Even though I was happy while getting more time with the elephants - this was actually a sad book. Well, maybe just to me? I have no idea how anyone else felt. The elephant's behaviors were so interesting that I cou So I totally read this book out of order because I had no idea it was a prequel to another book.

The elephant's behaviors were so interesting that I couldn't put this book down. Then there's Alicia and I loved that she loved elephants. Now they aren't my favorite animal ever, because Hippos rule the world, but I definitely loved her interest in them. I also really liked that Alicia made her own decisions and didn't care what anyone else thought.

Yeah it would have been nice to go to Harvard and everything. But to study monkeys? Nah, I wouldn't have accepted that either. A truly heartbreaking, lovely little story that gave me quite an education on elephants.

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Set in Botswana, Alice is a scientist, a naturalist, studying the local elephant population, which is dwindling once again due to the slaughter for ivory that has reached epic proportions. She ends up taking a newborn, orphaned and starving in her grief for her mother, back to camp with her to nurse back to health. So much to love in these 50 some pages. Aug 13, Tania rated it liked it Shelves: fiction. A quick easy read. If you enjoyed Lone Wolf , you will like this prequel. Loads of interesting facts on elephants.

View all 6 comments. Oct 11, Kate rated it liked it. Jul 25, Sabrina Bain rated it really liked it. Cant wait to read leaving time, loved the short stories. Thsnks Jodi. Oct 22, Kathy rated it really liked it. Alice Metcalf is a naturalist and has saved an elephant calf that has survived a massacre. This is a really well researched ebook and I really enjoyed this teaser took me about an hour and a half to read , and was happy I saved it until Leaving Time was released — so ready now to dive on in!

Aug 26, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: short-stories. I love Jodi Picoult. But this story truly stands out. Set in Africa with multiple references to South Africa, Setswana and nature conservation here, this book feels warm and familiar. O, and Lesego rocks! May 23, Jenny rated it really liked it. Another excellent novella by Jodi Picoult. Now I will have to read Leaving Time. I enjoyed the main story, but thought it ended somewhat abruptly.

The ending was very unsatisfactory, and did not inspire me to read the next book. Dec 22, Aishling Murphy rated it it was amazing. Another super read from Jodi Picoult. I read this short story as I to find Elephants very interesting. Shocking to see them pouched for the ivory tusks. This story is about Alice who working in south Africa on an reserve comes across a number of dead Elephants killed by poachers.. Mar 20, Lisa Spray rated it it was amazing. Love the audio version for this!

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  • This is a short story that goes along with the book "Leaving Time". Aug 09, Eman rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Animal lovers, elephant lovers, and sensitive hearts. Shelves: contemporary-authors. Very well and smoothly written with a proper use of flashbacks. The writer takes us in a journey to Botswana, South Africa.

    A strong bond builds up between Alice and the elephant calf, which will be named Lesego later on by Neo who is Alice's main squeeze. Yes, love will be in the air. I have a soft spot for animals. Not ashamed to admit that I shed some tears in two certain occasions. How can a book this short hold so much emotion? Read it and if you're so sensitive like me, you will end up tearing, too. Dec 23, Courtnie rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed , kindle , short-story , The writing was nice. In a color? This was my first Picoult, and judging from her reviews, blurbs and subject matter, I feel like I can safely assume that all her work would be thus.

    I don't know. I can see myself reading one of her books if the mood strikes me Jun 26, Melissa rated it liked it Shelves: library-love-challenge , i-spy-challenge-list. This short novella acts as a prequel to Jodi's next novel, Leaving Time. In this story we are introduced to Alice, a scientist currently living in Botswana, studying elephants.