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For many Christians who experience same-sex attraction, wrestling with these feelings in light of faith is a lonely and painful journey. Sally Gary's touching memoir is one woman's recollection of her own journey. Rather than providing cookie-cutter answers as to why someone experiences same-sex attraction and how to "make it go away," Loves God, Likes Girls gives one woman's perspective on the experiences over a lifetime that impacted the development of her sexuality.

Her story emphasizes that those who experience same-sex attraction are longing for safe places to explore questions, to find community, and to grow deeper in relationship with God.

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Like icing on a cake, this story is wrapped in a beautiful cover. It is a great addition to any library, especially mine. Christopher Teese reviewed on on July 17, This is a well-done first novel about a teenage girl going through real-life struggles and dealing with self-destructive tendencies, whose views on life and God start to change when she volunteers at a local homeless shelter and begins to be impacted by the people there. I felt the questions and responses to them were dealt with very well in this book.

The story also manages to respond to these subjects without being preachy or feeling like it has a sole agenda to convert its readers to religion. The love of God is simply shown through the characters, the conversations they have, and the way Krystal begins to change and see the world as the story progresses, which is the way stories like this and all Christian fiction, really should be written. All in all, this is a good first novel by an author with a promising future.

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SandyMojo reviewed on on June 27, Memoirs of a girl who loves God has touched me very close to home. The author could have been describing someone very close to me, and it helps me to understand things in a different light. This is a very heartwarming story.

How It Feels to Publish Your Wife’s Memoir About Dying

It grabbed my attention the moment I started reading, and I was not able to put it down. It made me laugh, and brought tears to my eyes as well. Wells is very talented for being a new author, and I am hoping to read many more of her stories. Jannell Wells reviewed on on June 25, Faith Restored -- I initially chose this book because my niece is the author. But don't let that lead you to read it.

This book is fast-paced. It grabs you from the start and doesn't let you go. It takes your emotions for a full ride -- from tears to laughter and back again. It also restores your faith! Thank you C. Wells reviewed the day of purchase.

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Krystal's story is a story that will inspire you. These people view [cancer] as a challenge. As an opportunity. Have you come to your own new understanding of death? I, on the other hand, was completely terrified of it. I struggled with belief in an afterlife. Watching her, I always wondered what it would be like when it actually happened.

You have your whole life to decide how you feel about this. Something that really struck me was how practical Julie is. It was an act of love, no doubt. We both, in different ways, are very type-A, organized people. She left me lots of checklists, and for the first six weeks after she died, I would sit there for 10, 12 hours a day going through all the lists. It made me think about how life carries on no matter what.

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I think that Julie was probably the bravest person that I ever met. She was an incredibly adventurous person who traveled all seven continents by the time she was I know that some could read the book and think she was harsh. She had some tough edges, but Julie was ultimately a kind, loving family person. I hope it comes through in the book. It does. We had a wonderful a marriage, and I was very grateful for it. Just wish it could have been a whole lot longer.

As a woman, he's beautiful, but as a dog demon--he's terrifying - 'Fuse: Memoirs of the Hunter Girl'

I mean, shit, I miss her. This interview has been edited and condensed.

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