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I educate them about their medications. Just before the holidays, Lynvi received a call from Dr.

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Maquilan with good news: They had gotten the tumor while it was still small and had not spread. Doctors removed all traces of it from his lung tissue.

He would not need follow-up chemotherapy or radiation. Thank God I am here today and here to talk about it. Chest X-rays have long been the most common way to detect lung cancer. But by the time it was found, lung tumors had already grown and it was often too late. But now doctors at Mercy are using low-dose CT scans to find lung cancer in its earliest stages — when it is the most receptive to treatment.

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Mercy decided to offer the screenings after the results of a National Cancer Institute study. The study looked at heavy smokers between the ages of 55 and Half of the participants received CT scans and the other half received traditional X-rays. The findings, published in , were startling: Those who had received low-dose CT scans had a 20 percent lower risk of dying from lung cancer than participants who received chest X-rays. Skip to Content.

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Published on February 07, Lung cancer treatment at Mercy Philadelphia Lung cancer symptoms can be silent. Get tested for lung cancer Lynvi smoked off and on in his life. As for now, Lynvi is focused on getting stronger every day.

Such a Mercy, Such A Nabi ﷺ - Shaykh Ahmed Sulaiman Khatani

Portia insists on convincing him to be merciful as God is merciful toward us. You see that the idea of mercy in the passage has a close connection with the Christian idea of salvation.

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In fact, she alludes to Christian doctrine that mercy and forgiveness are godly characteristics, and seeking justice without showing mercy, Shylock could face damnation, because by doing this he would disobey the law of God. Generally, we find the use of this quote by someone who means to insult or show offensiveness against someone that seems recalcitrant, stubborn, and uninterested in social conventions and humanitarianism.

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Today this phrase has a little different meaning. In its usual context , it is used to refute the claim of people that they have acted generously or mercifully, by telling them that they were short of choices, their only option to do what they have done.

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Hence, it is like an insult for those demonstrating mercy. It is as beautiful as gentle showers that flow in the heavens, and nourish the earth. It blesses those who show mercy, which not only makes them feel good, but also brings heavenly rewards.